Last Rites
The End of the Church of England
by Michael Hampson
Granta 2006

“The best book I have ever read about life inside the Church of England. Lucid, passionate and timely. Read it now before the whole thing's gone.” Andrew Brown, columnist, Church Times

“...absolutely compulsive reading ... a powerful shot across the bows of Anglican complacency.” Paul Hulme, Methodist Recorder

“Utterly compelling.” Sainsbury's Magazine

“The thing that really struck me was that it was written in English: the clear and unforced language of a skilled and intelligent person trying to communicate. This may not seem remarkable. But it makes you realise what a very high priority is placed in most language about the Church, on not saying anything about some pretty obvious and important things.” Andrew Brown's blog

“His apologia ... is consistent, lucid, and, at times, moving. He emerges from these pages as an interesting and complicated mixture: a liberal, who is a Catholic (in Anglican terms), influenced by the charismatic movement, disrespectful of inherited institutions, and balanced in judgement. There is no bitterness in this book ... What there is, and it is found evenly, is an impressive pastoral sensitivity ... The Church of England plainly lost a good parish priest.” Edward Norman, Literary Review

“Hampson chronicles the dying days of a national institution. Tracing the reasons for the Church's crisis, he argues that only radical transformation can save it, and the division, the politics, the lack of identification with churchgoers today - all must be challenged. If the Church is losing the support of committed and passionate figures such as Hampson, one has to ask if it is worth saving.” Personal Choice, Publishing News

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